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How to make anal sex

Anal sex happens when instead of the dick penetrating the vagina, it penetrates the anus.
Just hearing that would revolt most women. However, in a recent survey, it shows that most men would like to try anal sex with their girls. Also, some of these men outright ask their girls if they can do anal sex. It is very simple – it doesn’t mean that he is gay. It is just that he wants to experiment. Of course the other reason is that anal sex is safe – it can’t get a girl pregnant, the guy can cum inside her and he doesn’t even need to wear a condom.
Some girls find this also a stimulating idea, but not all. The anus is not exactly as elastic and accommodating as the vagina. It is also not lubricated. It has what is called a sphincter, a strong muscle ring at the entrance of the anus that controls the movement of the bowels. If a foreign object is inserted into it, it will most likely constrict automatically and may cause pain on the girl. Also, the anus does not need to be stretched, rather it should be gradually coaxed to allow the dick to enter. But still, it provides a good area for stimulation for the men, especially the peculiar tightness of the anus.
The very first thing to do before deciding to do anal sex is for the woman to be absolutely sure she wants to do it with her partner. It would help if both would discuss it before they actually do it in order to level off expectations and in order that the needs of both sides are carefully addressed, especially on the side of the woman. Also, before starting to do anal sex, the girl must know how to control her breathing. Not just the inhale-exhale breathing, but one that is practiced even during surprising times. A girl must breathe especially when the dick is entering her anus. If she doesn’t breathe, her anal sphincter might just tighten up and it may become painful for her. What the couple can do before the dick actually penetrates the anus is try lubricating very well a finger and try inserting it in the anus until it gets used to the size of the finger. Then they can gradually start increasing the size or the number of fingers until it resembles that of a stiff dick.
Speaking of lubricating, the anus again is not naturally-lubricated like the vagina. Therefore, when doing anal sex, make sure that both parties have enough lubricant handy to ensure that every step of the anal sex is well-lubricated. Otherwise, again, the friction will be very painful for the girl.
It is important that the couple do not hurry through the anal sex act. Let the anus gradually adapt to the expansion that it must undergo. Also, the guy must always be sensitive to the reactions of the girl. She must also always indicate how she feels, especially when there is pain. The guy must ensure that the girl and her anus is well adjusted before he makes faster thrusting. Especially during the first time, it is suggested that the guy just take it slow for a while and leave the heavy, deep and fast thrusting to another time, when she is already adapted to the whole anal sex act.
Of course, any type of pain, discomfort or weird feeling can be easily masked by the ultimate sense of pleasure. So it is very important for the guy to continually stimulate her pussy, especially her clitoris, to ensure that she is experiencing a pleasurable sensation despite the anal sex that is going on.
Also, even when the girl would find it okay for her man not to wear condoms during anal sex, she must always be aware that sexually-transmitted diseases can still be passed on during this kind of sexual act. Therefore, just like a vaginal sex, she must always consider having her man wear condom. However, if both are monogamous and have been previously checked to have no STDs, then there is no problem about not wearing a condom during anal sex.
Also, in order to have no other feeling of ickyness about having her man’s dick inside her anus, the girl must make sure that her anal lining is clean. Therefore, some experts suggest emptying the bowels hours before the sex act could help. For those serious practitioners of anal sex, they go as far as undergoing colon cleansing or enemas. Although this is not necessarily required, but it could help to really make sure your anus is clean. When an enema is not feasible, the girl or maybe a guy can just wear lubricated leather gloves and insert her or his finger into his anus and clear out bowels that are left in the anal area, up to the point she or he feels the partner’s dick can go through. They can do this while doing shower. And speaking of cleanliness, the couple must make sure that after the dick or any tool is inserted into the anus, it must not right away be inserted into the vagina. Various clingy bacteria could still be present in the anal area, and these cause serious infections to the vagina. If the couple feels doing vaginal penetration after anal penetration, the guy must thoroughly wash with warm soap and water his penis before doing so.
To get the girl or another guy in the mood for anal sex, various preparations can also be done aside from training the anal sphincters and breathing. One trick is to undergo a warm bath. This should relax the anal sphincters and the girl enough. Also, licking at the anal entrance and anal area helps the sphincters react and recognize the feeling of having a dick about to penetrate the area.
It must always be emphasized to the guy penetrating the girl or another guy to consistently stimulate his partner to ensure that pleasure is felt all throughout the anal sex act. Also, it is still very, very important that his partner undergo climax!

Visitors' comments

Andy Martinez on Thursday 12th of January 2019 11:56:20 PM wrote

All of it is good news all there is now I know what to do, Thanks to know again thank's. Cuz now I can have anal with all my girls. Thanks from D. M.

bobby on Thursday 1st of November 2019 11:21:56 AM wrote

If a girl is going to try anal sex for the first time I recommend to get conditioned first. Play with yourself. Rub your pussy and get excited. With the other hand rub your finger around your anus and with lube slowly insert your finger. Massage your anus slowly and as you get more comfortable insert it further back and forth just like it was a penis. Keep doing this while you rub your pussy. Try to have a orgasm while stimulating your anus. Do this several times over a few days till you get use to it. You can then use a small vibrator or toy to stretch your anus even more. Always use lots of lube during this whole process. When you and your man are ready to try anal sex do it over a couple of sessions. Have him fuck your pussy doggie style first while one of you stimulates your clit. Have him rub your anus with his finger and slowly penetrate you fucking your ass with his finger. Once you get use to this and it may take several times, have him use a small lubricated toy to replace his finger while he fucks your pussy. Increase the size of the toy to stretch your sphincter muscle. When you think your ready. Go slow and use plenty of lube. Good luck. ps. My wife didn't care for it at first but now asks for it on a regular basis.

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