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Do women like to share cum after a blowjob with their men?

There is always the playful tendency of the woman to kiss her man after he has climaxed due to a blowjob. This may be taken in different ways by the man. However, in a threesome, a woman may want to swap cums by kissing another man or another woman after the guy they or she blowjobs climaxes.
This situation highly depends on the woman and the other party or parties involved. If it means adding to the sensations and the experience, then it could become a remarkable action for all the persons involved.
However, some women would rather not share cum with other persons. Others may even just spit it out on a tissue paper beside the bed or to the sink or a cloth.

Visitors' comments

james on Tuesday 22nd of May 2017 05:46:56 PM wrote

I love kissing her right after cumming in her mouth.

siddartha67 on Tuesday 30th of October 2017 07:33:57 PM wrote

I would LOVE to have a woman who was that open and likes to share my cum after I explode in her waiting mouth... that would be soooo erotic to me. And tastey!!?

siddartha67 on Tuesday 30th of October 2017 07:39:24 PM wrote

God I hope so!! That would be SO fun to experience!! I'm calling this woman to me now!!

cumlover1967 on Tuesday 21st of January 2018 09:23:43 AM wrote

I recently told my girlfriend about this fantasy of mine. The other day she was giving me head and I exploded in her mouth. She looked into my eyes with a look I will never forget and then kissed me with a mouth full of cum. That was the most erotic kiss I've ever experienced. She loved it too.

King on Sunday 6th of December 2019 09:23:16 AM wrote

I came in her mouth & I asked NOT to swallow it... I wanted her to kiss me while my cum runs out her mouth as she kiss me....Beautiful!! I loved it!

larry on Tuesday 22nd of December 2020 12:41:07 PM wrote

I like his cum in my mouth after she sucks him.

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