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How do you know if a woman cums?

It is usually very easy to tell if a woman really cums. When the woman is about to cum, you will feel that her vagina will excrete a sticky substance, a lubricant. This is a very high indication that she is already highly-stimulated, and that orgasm is well underway.
Also, when the woman demands for you to thrust or lick harder and faster, you know that she is almost going to climax.
At the height of climax, or what we call cumming, the woman may shout, moan hard, exclaim, have an intense muffled sound signifying the intensity of the orgasm, her whole body reacts instinctively to the pleasure by convulsing either briefly or in multiple sessions, depending on the woman, her body rigid and tensed. She may be clutching the part of the body of the man or woman and she will shudder after orgasm. There is more excretion of her vaginal fluids.
In some women, a vaginal ejaculate similar to the men signifies her orgasm. But this happens only to some women, not to all.

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