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Where do most girls like you to cum at

Where a girl want the guy to come on her depends on the girl. Most girls want their men to ideally come in their pussies. There is that pulsating feeling that a girl feels when a guy cums inside their vagina. The cum that oozes inside their vaginal canal or right smack on their cervix is a warm, pleasant feeling that psychologically makes a girl feels that she has succeeded in giving pleasure to her man. Especially when the guy has his orgasm while facing her, she feels special.
However, an increasing number of women want their men to come in their mouths. This is because of the effect that it gives the guys – a feeling of completeness, a feeling of male dominance, hence completing the sex act. Aside from this, some women like the taste of man cum. They like the smell of it and the feel of it. They like playing with the cum and some even swallow the guy’s cum.
Other women just like the cum on their cheeks – sort of an adornment or an accessory proving that she is able to satisfy her man.
There are also girls who love looking at their guys come while they masturbate and making their cum spill on to their stomachs.
While most girls ideally want to see their guys’ cum, those wearing condoms have no choice. Better safe then sorry.

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hiroller on Tuesday 24th of December 2019 03:39:16 AM wrote

I have been going with a high school teacher and she gets turned on all to hell giving me a blow job and cumming in her mouth. Now however I find she is bi and wants her girlfriend to join in.

Last weekend I was in bed with both them and between them after making me cum 7 or 8 times I was sore as hell and exhausted. The last 5 times I was dry but they massaged the hell out my prostate, chewed the head of my dick until it was raw and using their teeth no skin in some places and finally trying to squeeze the cum from my balls they swelled up from all the squeezing, slapping, hitting and pinching, and they bit my dick so hard I have blood blisters and bruises. They thought it was great so not the girl friend is moving in and my teacher friend wants this 3 hour marathon to be a ever night event.

Michael on Tuesday 12th of January 2020 01:18:26 AM wrote

When I dated my soon to be wife I pulled my cock out before I ejaculated. After marriage we had two daughters. During the period after marriage/divorce, I had sex with several women. I never used condoms with them. Some really wanted me to cum inside them. It was a matter of great pleasure for them. One woman taught me how my cum could be pleasurable to women. She would take my cock in her hand after intercourse and lick my cum. She loved the taste of my cum. She would later consume all of my cum during a sexual encounter. She loved the taste of my cum. I found later that other women enjoyed consuming my cum. Over several years many women sucked my cock and enjoyed my cum. I can not speak to why some women enjoy even desire a man's cum. I only know that some women have wanted to consume a man's cum.

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