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Is it gay for a guy to taste his cum?

Being gay is a matter of perception and a state of mind of a particular person. Having sex with the same gender is considered as gay. This means on some occasions, tasting and swallowing of another man’s cum - for guys.
Physiologically, out of curiousity, tasting his own cum does not necessarily connote that a guy is gay. His preferences for sexual partners will not have changed after he tastes his cum.
The issue on whether it is gay for a guy to taste his cum is also a matter of perception and a state of mind of a guy. This means that if the reason a guy wants to taste his cum is to be able to find out if he is ready to taste another guy’s cum, then this may lead to a later development of this particular guy as being gay in the future. However, if at all, his preference for girls still remain the same and his loathing for having sex with his fellow guys remain after tasting his own cum, then that does not put him in the category of being gay.
However, the perception of a guy being gay if he tasted his own cum is a highly-psychological phenomena. Due to the wide traditional belief of men that only gays swallow another man’s cum, that having cum even on their lips would already consider them as gay. Straight guys loathe the thought of having cum in his mouth, let alone taste his own cum.
Men by nature have a masculine thought, or what is called as ‘machismo’ thinking. It means that they have a clear-cut idea of what a staright guy should be, and straight guys have no business tasting his own cum or any cum for that matter. They feel that straight guys should be more interested in tasting the cum or natural vaginal fluids of women and girls rather than their own cum.

Visitors' comments

John on Sunday 18th of April 2018 08:11:45 PM wrote

I have cum in my mouth a few times. On my back and all over my face. Never had a guy cum in my mouth, but I think I want to try.

Cher on Friday 2nd of March 2019 02:19:56 AM wrote

And what if the guy wants to suck his own cum out of the girl's vagina after they had sex and share it with her in a passionate kiss?

allen on Wednesday 11th of July 2019 08:12:58 AM wrote

I love eating my cum, the precum is sweet.

kent on Friday 31st of August 2019 10:08:16 PM wrote

I have tasted pre cum, sawllowed my cum... I do like my cum. But out of curiousity some time ago I asked guy if I can suck him, he cum in my mouth, I suck him off and on. I have tasted cum.

jack on Monday 3rd of September 2019 11:46:21 PM wrote

I do taste my cum as I jack off and pre cum. I do not thank it is gay.

siddartha67 on Tuesday 30th of October 2019 07:37:30 PM wrote

Who cares? It tastes sooooo good! And I'm about just enjoying my sexual experiences without judgement! I like to taste mine and want a woman who is turned on by me eating and licking my cum off her! Gay???'s sex!

mrk on Sunday 18th of November 2019 05:36:50 AM wrote

I am married but I have always wondered what it would be like to suck a cock dry and taste his cum.

bobby on Wednesday 3rd of April 2019 08:10:11 PM wrote

I like to taste my pre cum as I jack off and cum in my hand put in my mouth, it so good to taste and some time I swallow. I have suck a dick and cum in my mouth. I'm not gay but I do like my cum.

jack on Saturday 11th of May 2019 09:20:42 PM wrote

I have suck a cock dry and cum in my mouth, the taste was good and so my pre cum and cum is so good but ones you do eat cum and your cum you can not stop doing it.

puy on Wednesday 5th of June 2019 03:29:01 AM wrote

I like my cum, it was hard to do it taste per cum and cum, cannot stop on it not gay.

bilbu on Saturday 23rd of November 2019 11:04:47 PM wrote

I have never swallowed a man's cum but I am curious. I was in a gloryhole and put my cock through the hole and a guy sucked on it for a few seconds. I tapped my fingers on the hole and some guy put his cock in the hole. I looked like it was not real but felt like rubber. Surprisingly I started sucking on it with no hesitation. He did not let me suck it very long. If he had I would have let him cum in my mouth. I saw another guy jack off in the stall next to me. His stiff cock was big. In thinking about it later I wish he had put his cock in the hole and let me suck on it until he came in my mouth. I still think about it and other worrying about getting a std, I would like to go back and have someone suck my cock until I came and likewise, suck someone's cock until they came.

andy on Friday 13th of December 2019 12:44:03 AM wrote

OK to me it's not gay I was curiositly of it? It started I masturbates a guy. He ask me if I suck him so a day I ask him to let do it he was 5inchs long, frist taste of pre cum and cum in my mouth it ok I did sucked his friend he was big 7inch long I did swallow, I did jack and suck them for a time so suck dick I like it it not gay. And do jack off to pre cum taste it some time put my cum in my mouth and swallow I do like my cum. I have not suck just that time my cum all time love it.

tommy on Friday 13th of December 2019 08:37:46 PM wrote

I was young I tasted my friend cum, I gave him a blowjob I swallowed his cum, I sucked him all time so if swallow I jack off and swallow my cum I like it it hard to stop?

dave on Monday 6th of January 2019 10:42:44 PM wrote

I was a young teen I jack off one night I taste my pre cum it was nice it a time but I did do a littie at a time put my cum in mouth taste my cum so some time I like eat my cum I jack off in a comdom I get all my cum in my mouth and taste swallow I do like my cum and in time I did suck a teen he cum in mouth I do eat my cum and swallow I like cum.

tom on Friday 10th of January 2020 01:43:28 PM wrote

I came on my girlfriends mouth and chin then licked the cum off her chin and kissed her deeply so we shared the cum and now I eat my cum when I jack off can't seem to get enough my dick gets hard thinking about it.

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